Legal-tech: innovation and legal services united in a dynamic company

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Legal advisors and computer specialists at the service of the future

The goal of LT42 is to innovate the legal sector through the use of modern and easy to use technological solutions that can help to protect both citizens rights and companies’ compliance.

So, we define ourselves as a “legal-tech”, not a “tech-legal”, reality offering consulting and software solutions linked to GDPR (DPO as a Service and DataBreach Assistant), Risk Analysis, Social Media Policies, Digital Reputation Safeguard, Cybersecurity, Corporate Forensics and Blockchains.

We are not disruptive, but we aim at giving a high quality service through our innovative and multidisciplinary approach.


The enigma of the digital world won’t be a mystery anymore

Thanks to our high-quality trainings you could obtain a well-informed and aware overview on all the fields we deal with. Our ambition is to explain, in the best way possible, the tech world to legal advisors and the legal issues to tech specialists.

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Follow the rules with our quick and efficient approach

Companies’ compliance procedures can be complex and the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation did not lighten the situation. Moreover, the recurring cyberattacks occurred in the last years compelled the experts to raise their attention span. In order to simplify and optimize this process, we could help you with compliance audit processes and with privacy, social media policies, cryptocurrencies, blockchains and ICOs.

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Social Media, a good management for better opportunities

The social media world is full of business opportunities, but reputational and security risks need to be taken into consideration too. Through our risk assessments we help you to identify possible dangerous scenarios in order to develop ad hoc social media policies or to review the existing ones to make them more efficient.

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