A DPO at hand for your needs: a long felt need

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) entered into force on the 25th of May 2018 and it compelled both companies and institutions to adjust their processes and technological infrastructures to these new standards.

If an entity does not comply with the required obligations, it could be fined up to €20 million or the 4% of the worldwide annual revenue of the prior financial year; in addition, the entity will be forced to stop its illegal activity. Furthermore, the GDPR compels some of the affected realities to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO) who has to assist the management in observing the norms.

In order to answer to this generalised need, LT42 offers the possibility to be appointed as DPO. We can offer a permanent support that can be provided both through our online platform and through a customised consulting service. A constant monitoring is needed in order to comply with the expectations and the norms established by the EU, so it is better to rely on a team of experts who got the pulse of the situation on privacy, legal issues and technology.


Our “DPO as a Service” platform is composed by different sections that permit the DPO to have under his/her control each step of the compliance procedures.

If you already have a DPO, you will be given the possibility to buy only the platform; otherwise you could buy it together with LT42 consulting services.

The team of experts of LT42 works with a multidisciplinary approach and it is composed by professors, lawyers and IT experts who obtained the UNI 11697/2017 certification. Thanks to their expertise they can give a specialised and high quality service both on legal services and innovation technology.

Contact us if you want to know more about our services and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Moreover, if you have any doubt on the tasks a DPO has to fulfill, you could take a glance at the FAQs below.


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The DPO has to:

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) is the person who has to ensure that the organisation, company or institution where he or she works processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules, both nationally and internationally.

Moreover, if you have any doubt on the tasks a DPO has to fulfill, you could take a glance at the FAQs below.

According to art. 37 of the GDPR the controller and the processor shall designate a data protection officer in any case where:

  1. A group of undertakings may appoint a single data protection officer provided that a data protection officer is easily accessible from each establishment.
  2. Where the controller or the processor is a public authority or body, a single data protection officer may be designated for several such authorities or bodies, taking account of their organisational structure and size.
  3. In cases other than those referred to in paragraph 1, the controller or processor or associations and other bodies representing categories of controllers or processors may or, where required by Union or Member State law shall, designate a data protection officer. 2The data protection officer may act for such associations and other bodies representing controllers or processors.
  4. The data protection officer shall be designated on the basis of professional qualities and, in particular, expert knowledge of data protection law and practices and the ability to fulfil the tasks referred to in Article 39.
  5. The data protection officer may be a staff member of the controller or processor, or fulfil the tasks on the basis of a service contract.
  6. The controller or the processor shall publish the contact details of the data protection officer and communicate them to the supervisory authority.

We can: